Steel Advantages

Reasons for which the use of steel structures is the ideal solution for your project

CODEME is constantly asked if the use of steel structures in the construction process is more economic than the concrete structure molded in loco, due to our constant mission of developing advanced engineering solutions that contributes for the competitive differential of our customers.

When only comparing the direct cost of the steel structure with the material and labor cost used on the concrete structure constructive process, the answer might be no.

However, when comparing the total project cost for both solutions, taking in consideration the indirect costs and the budget difference income (BDI), probably the answer will be yes. If taking in consideration the payback period of the investment made, or the financial cost due to the reduction of more than 30% of the project deadline period, the use of steel structure solution becomes unbeatable.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, it is important to take into consideration other factors, such as: