Processes and Technology

Technical knowledge and long term experience acquired throughout three decades of existence


The advanced engineering solutions practiced by CODEME throughout its steel construction projects are due to its high investment in research and development, and the acquisition of top-notch softwares and hardwares. Through an integrated engineering and production system of steel structures, the manufacturing facility is fed directly, avoiding interfaces and guarantying speed, precision, and quality throughout the process.

CODEME is a reference in the steel construction market due to its technical capacity, engineering excellence and experience acquired in the completion of big projects throughout its history. CODEME’s engineering department is recognized for developing measured solutions to each specific project. With a highly capable technical staff, Codeme’s engineers have graduated with masters and doctorates in steel structures. Besides that, the department contains precise engineering tools with an outstanding software that was developed by its own engineers, as well as other softwares such as Tekla and Robot, which are designated for engineering and detailing of steel structures. The engineering department is connected with the detailing department, which is then connected to the manufacturing facility throughout our system, guarantying quality and speed in the process.