Success Cycle


Advanced engineering solutions to serve our customer needs and contribute to its competitive differential.


Be one of the top 5 biggest steel construction companies in Brazil, being the wealthiest and leader in developing innovative technological solutions


  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Business profitability;
  • Attract and maintain the best working professionals available in the market;
  • Process productivity;
  • Quality in products and services;
  • Maintain a healthy environment.


  • Contribute to private initiative to promote Brazil’s sustainability;
  • Strategic partnership in order to guarantee quality management and a solid business;
  • Adding up values for our customer needs, as a way of generating sustainability and making our business bigger;
  • Personal and professional responsibility with duties in charge;
  • Pursuit of economic and financial results;
  • Technological innovation in order to anticipate oriented solutions for our customers;
  • Intense teamwork and creativeness to generate an environment of high performance for customers, employees, and shareholders;
  • Preventive attitudes to guarantee a safer and more sustainable environment on daily activities;
  • Ethics and transparency on relationships as a basic pre requisite to maintain a good image.


Act in accordance to ethics and transparency in the steel construction industry, serving customer needs, shareholders and employees, promoting environmental well being and aiming the extinguish of health and safety risks, throughout continuous improvements in process, products, and services, upon teamwork, commitment, and respect.

Certifications and Awards

CRCC - Petrobrás

ISO 9001 - 2015

Structural Engineering Talent Award

Samarco Award

Gerdau Açominas Award

Best of Construction Award

Vale Award

Award "The Contractor"

Environmental Highlight

CREA Premium

Criança Esperança

Onip Qualification